We act in this world just as waves

fulness(15)As the wave in its own form of reality is still unreal in the context of the ocean, so that understanding when gained, the ego self loses it hold. The mind loses its hold upon itself and then true surrender comes. We say «Thy will be done, Thy Kingdom come.» Empty words. We say it for the sake of saying or perhaps just to hear our voice.

84340 But if the meaning is known, felt, realised and experienced, the analytical mind will break it to pieces and show the importance or non-importance of anything. It is capable of that in its own limited way. But how could that mind ever comprehend, how could the wave ever comprehend the vastness of the ocean by analytical means, by the head? No. It is to be realised by the heart, the core of the personality and then the wave will know the value of the ocean.

We act in this world just as waves, forgetting the ocean that is really the cause of the waves.

So from that dual position of the wave and the ocean, the wave gains the experience through spiritual practices of the reality of the ocean, of the vastness of the ocean and then its little self assumes no importance whatsoever.

84342So here the question is not of annihilation of the ego self, that collection of thoughts, those samskaras or impressions gained over ages and ages and millions and millions of years, but the process through spiritual practices is to discard them and let them dissolve and return back to its own original elements, where the purity of the personality, where the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind is so clarified that the light, which shines through the super-conscious level of the mind, reaches through the sub-conscious and the conscious level and into the physical level whereby you can say that «I am Divine. I am the substance of Divinity, not only in part but also in its entirety.»

So that is the goal.

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