You can never be certain of anything

fulness(16) You have a lover that loves you very much. Can you be really certain of him? You can’t. Tomorrow he might find another Fleary and off he goes, and the same thing applies to the man and the woman. You can never be certain of anything. And that adds the beauty of life, the uncertainty, the unknown, that becomes the mystery, that becomes the impetus to keep us going. Otherwise, you’d say, «Ah, what’s the sense of this stupid world? Let me be elsewhere.»

So the very uncertainty adds on to the pleasure of it. For example, the years I’m married, about 37 years now. I’m talking of my legal wife, never mind the others, oh, forget them. In the beginning stages, she used to ask me, «What would you like to have for lunch, or for dinner?» And I said, «Oh well, do this, do that.» Then slowly and slowly I make it go deeper into her mind, «Please do not ask me ever what you are going to cook for supper or for dinner or for lunch or whatever. Don’t ask me. Whatever you put on the table is good enough for me because I know you do your best.» Yes.

So when you sit down, now you don’t know what you’re going to eat, but when you sit down at the table, it’s a surprise. So the uncertainty brings about daily newer and newer surprises in life. And that makes life exciting.

serendipity(3)Like if you’re having a party, and you organize the party and this, that, but we get together tonight, for example, and just have an impromptu, spontaneous party and get together, it’s more pleasurable, it’s more fun, more creative, less inhibitions. Because if you’re going to a formal party you start worrying a few weeks ahead, what dress am I going to wear or, you know, what kind of earrings or necklace or what suit. And will this tie go with this suit, or things like that. Nonsense. While at an impromptu party, you might just be in your pajamas. Freedom. Freedom.

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