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That’s all bunk. Mythology. Although there’s some depth in mythology. But everything is done by yourself. You are the lord of the universe. You are essentially free, free, free. Just for you to realize that you are free, and that is why I’ve taken birth to show you, to make you realize that you are free. If I can enjoy the freedom of myself and still be totally normal, why can’t you? I do the same things you do. I shave and bathe and go to the toilet, and do all the biological functions. But yet I do it in freedom. You do it in bondage.

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For example, when you make love, you make love because of the attachment you have for the woman which is a bondage. All attachments are bondages. But make love in freedom, and then you just flow into that love making and that’s true love making. Freedom. So you can find freedom in bondage and bondage in freedom. But which is dominant? That is important.
Now, people talk of visitations, which is allied to the question you have asked, where you actually see the dead person appearing in your room or you see the dead person.

The dead person does not come into your room at all, but the entire room is filled with a substance which we call ectoplasm. Is that the way you pronounce it? Ectoplasm? Fine. And it is your thought forms that creates the form out of the ectoplasm into the person to whom you are attached. So you can see and you think that it is that departed person that has come back to you.

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I know of a chap who is a damned cuckoo, one of our meditators. He got married to a woman, and they had a child. The child died, and even after many years, he is still pining and pining and pining for that child. Not any wonder you’re a stupid idiot. The child had so much span to live, and it came for a certain purpose, to learn a certain lesson, right? And he left, he went away. After all, aren’t we just all visitors to this planet?

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