You are only a product of your samskaras

fulness(1)Because each and every child, finding the propergenetic combinations, the chromosomes and all that business, takes birth through a vehicle. Now why all these children look different is because these different genetic combinations bring out certain characteristics of the samskaras of that particular soul when it is reborn.

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So when you pray, you are praying for your own solace and not for the departed one. When a soul departs, forget him. That’s the best thing you can do, and stop interfering in the plans that the departed soul, the soul has to formulate for its future births.

So by paying too much attention to the departed one, right, you might, although it does not really effect, but you might be harming that departed one. For example, you are busy working out your tax form, IRA or something, and you have a whole bunch of kids making noise around you, or Janakaji here, is busy doing computer programming and there’s a whole lot of noise around him, or whatever, it would disturb him, so that his concentration, you know, would be harmed in a certain way. It’s a disturbance, an interference. So rather not interfere with those that are departed. They had to go, and there’s nothing you can do about it.


Discipula_1I know of one meditator in the Chicago area, without mentioning names, every year… now the daughter had taken up music, and then she died. I think she committed suicide, I can’t remember the details too well. And every year, you know, she spent so much money having a concert performed in memory of the departed daughter.

Now what I would do if I was very fond of my daughter, I’d take the same money and give it to a worthwhile charity. That will do more good to those that are living.
Let us do good to those that are living because you can do nothing at all about those that are dead. You have not reached that dimension.

And as far as the theory goes where other souls come and help you, you know, through the transition period, that is a total fallacy because there is no transition period at all.

The word transition implies a change from one thing into another. It is always a continuum. It seems to people’s minds that there is a transition, but there’s no transition. There’s a continuum in the life or of existence. When the ocean is turbulent and the waves go up and the waves subside, what transition is there? It’s part and parcel of the workings of nature where the wave would rise and subside. There’s no transition at all. There’s just a change of name, form, and shape which goes beyond all space and time and goes beyond all causation. So when it goes beyond all causation it is not bound by the things of this world of the living.

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