Gururaj Ananda Yogi in his young days

Gururaj_early years

This is a picture sent by his son Biren for the website. It is Gururaj at his young days. He looks like him very much indeed. We thank the family  for the very kind and loving gesture towards this website. We hope to keep adding material for those interested in studyng the teachings, poetry and sayings of Gururaj Ananda Yogi and his students.

Wondering at the beauty
Slurping at the sweetness
Smiling at the warmth
I know that love.
Seeing the brilliance
Tasting the nectar
Sensing the presence
I know that love.
Listening to the wisdom
Marvelling at the poetry
Sighing at the music
I know that love.
Seeing the greatness
Looking at the power
Saluting the majesty
I know that love.
Praying to my god
Bowing to the master
Serving the beloved
I know that love.
Living in the light
Enjoying the peace
Treading the path
I know that love.
Take me to Him, dear angel, I know His love.


  1. It’s a great work.It will be very interesting for a lot of people.Tnaks a lot !!

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