How do we begin by opening the heart?

Now if a man says ‘Oh, I must be more kinder, I must be more generous, I must be more loving’. Does the heart say that? The heart does not say that. The mind says that because the mind recognises or feels the closeness of the heart. And yet the heart is pulsating so powerfully all the time, that those pulses or impulses are felt by the mind and the mind starts wondering. Why is my heart closed? Why can’t I feel?


Now feeling is not to be measured in terms of one’s emotions, because emotions could be good or bad, could be positive or negative, but the radiation of the heart is forever pure.

When we study the Scriptures and where it is said that ‘Jesus’ heart bled for us’. What bled? What shot forth? The pulsating flow of blood. Now when we talk of blood, we mean life blood, life blood coming from the heart empowered, generated by the force of the heart that is universal.


1919364_151838606960_4427142_n Now here we have to be very careful in understanding this principle. Opening the heart is not necessary in opening the mind. We start with the mind in trying to open the heart. We gather to us or affirm to us positive qualities which has an effect in the opening process. But the proper way to open the heart, and here is the secret, is to go beyond the mind and not let the mind interfere.

Man says to woman, woman to man, ‘I love you’. Now, the love that is spoken there is not the love of the heart although it is generated by the heart. It is empowered by the heart but what is speaking is the mind.

The mind is appreciating the shape of her nose or her ears or her toes and says ‘I love you‘.

The heart has no eyes. It has no ears. It has no feeling. And yet we say the heart feels. The mind feels, not the heart. The heart is a pulsating, radiating power and when the heart is opened that means, that means that the mind is opened. The heart does not require opening. Like our usual old analogy, the heart can be likened to the petrol in the tank of the car and the carburettor is the mind. So when the mind is expanded, the heart, the petrol automatically flows through.

So in our practices what we do, is leave the mind aside and we are in touch with the source that could over-ride the discrepancies of the mind.

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