The Path of Love

Now we might have lived so many, many lifetimes in having been brought into this mould, but remember whatever is moulded can be unmoulded.

Copy (2) of Gururaj photos 008That is what we have to do in the path of spiritual growth or in the path of love because the spiritual path is the path of love. None else. None else. That is why the greatest Masters in the world taught of nothing else but love. That is what is required. And we have to, we must go through disciplines. Even sitting down to meditate in the beginning is a discipline because everyone is too busy. Everyone is too busy. They are not too busy to read the comics, they are not too busy to go to Bioscope, cinema or the theatre.

Did I tell you the story of cinemas? That is how some people live their lives. You go to a cinema. Now what they do is first take your money and then you go inside. You don’t know what the film is going to be like, but first they take your money. Right. And not only that, after putting you inside, they even switch off the lights. (General laughter) And then you’d see what they put on the screen for you ’cause the title is advertised. But how can you go by a title?

So we live our lives in a similar way. We pay such a high price with all our sufferings and that suffering leads us into darkness. That is the tragedy. That is the stage of man’s evolution that we are going through. Suffering, suffering, suffering and still finding darkness.

Copy (2) of Gururaj photos 011I would rather not go to the cinema and pay good money and go and sit in darkness. I would go and sit in the light, beautiful garden, beautiful park where I can see and enjoy the flowers and the beautiful trees and the birds singing in all its glory and the wind whistling and praising at every moment the glory of Divinity. That’s my cinema. You see. It comes for nothing, you don’t need to pay and be thrown into darkness. Yeah. So beautiful isn’t it. Really beautiful. And funny enough I was in the film business, so I know, (General laughter) dear me. Yes. Right.

So even if our hearts feel pinched, even if it feels closed, we are forever hopeful, for hope is eternal in the human breast and chest.  Yes. Yes. Yes, it is always there. It is always there.

Only thing we make a hundred and eighty degree turn, instead of facing the darkness, we face the light, that’s all. And the way of facing the light is not to resist evil – by accepting our faults and frailties and doing something about it.

Copy (2) of Gururaj photos 010 And the best way to do it is to surrender to ourselves and that leads us automatically to surrender to a higher power. And that is how grace is invoked and that is how one learns to love. That is also another misnomer. You don’t learn to love. Love just is, you just reach it. You don’t need to learn it. It is there, always there. What we have to learn is how to repattern our minds. That’s all. The biggest stumbling block in our path to joy, I have always called the mind a very cunning animal. It is true. It is true.


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