Awareness III

Awareness - "Darse cuenta" III
Awareness - "Darse cuenta" III

Tapping the superconscious level of yourself

Gururaj_priya_082So, through spiritual practices, as more and more cells open, more and more of the universal mind flows through. And only when you can capture the totality of the universal mind, then you become fully aware of the entire universe. You become so aware that you just know. So, the nature is the path to awareness, which leads to total knowingness. For example, take me, as stupid as I am, you can ask any question and I’ll be able to answer it. Talk for hours on it. Why? Why? Because I allow the universal mind to flow through this little conscious mind. It is because everyone here has the ability to tap that superconsciousness level and drive away all the dirt, the impressions, the samskaras in the subconscious, so that the conscious mind could capture the power of the superconscious mind. And that constitutes pure awareness. Where you are aware simultaneously of everything. You see. You become aware of someone’s thoughts even without thinking. You just know.

So when that full awareness of yourself comes about, tapping the superconscious level of yourself and allowing it to filter through the subconscious and the conscious mind, then the conscious mind will start becoming aware of what is called love. People say love. But they love only very, very partially. Because if you had to be able to love completely, then you will be knowing God. Because God is not be captured in little parts. You only might have a little glimpse. But you capture Him in totality so that you become one with him. That is total awareness.

Now when that totality of the universal mind, which is none else than the personal God, filters through you, you become aware of the feelings of the stone, of the tree, of the wind, of the flowers, of the worms, of the fleas. Even fleas have needs. That is why they bite you. You become totally aware of that. And when you have that awareness, to repeat again, you develop total love for each and everything, for then you regard everyone and everything none other than yourself. And you find that unity consciousness. That I and thou disappears, duality disappears, and you find that unified field which Einstein talked about but knew nothing about. Just hinted at it.

And when you enter that unity consciousness, then you are fully aware. And when a person becomes fully aware, then you know the nature of everything. You see how the cycle turns? You start off through these various steps which is part of nature and awareness, to degrees, and as it opens up like a flower is a bud, as it opens up, although the bud is beautiful, but as it opens up and opens up and opens up to its full bloom, then you really get the beauty of the flower. And that beauty, the total opening of the flower, is full awareness, it is full love, it is total God.

We start on the path, through all the process of evolution, through all the machinations of the mind, through all the turmoils, through all the misery, but if we accept one fact, that even the misery and the sufferings are there for a purpose, that leads you to greater awareness. And the purpose is this, that it teaches you something. But what is it teaching you?

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