Existence III

I am existence


Therefore the Scriptures say that man must reach a stage where happiness or good tidings must not elate you, and bad tidings or sorrow must not deflate you. You see, elation and deflation this could not occur to the man whose problems have been resolved. In other words, he has gone beyond all the impressions that he has gathered in his mind over millions and millions of years, during the time when that little atom developed, where it duplicated itself, triplicated itself, replicated itself through all the various forms of existences until he became a man. So the idea is this, that these problems have to be, these impressions have to be eradicated. Now, within the mind as I said, is the memory box which constitute the mind. And that box contains all these impressions. Now, there could be conflicting impressions. In some lifetime there was such great joy, in another lifetime, such great suffering. Those impressions are there, and it is the warring of these opposing impressions, the warring of positive and negative emotions that a person has felt, the war between these two opposing factors, is that which causes the turbulence in man’s mind, and turbulence is suffering. The essence of the turbulence is impressions. Impressions are there in substance form. Do never, ever think that impression has no substance, that impression is something abstract. Impressions are concrete, and they exist in a very subtle form of matter. Impressions as thoughts, is nothing else but matter.

The difference between the physical body and the mind of man is a difference of degree of subtlety. The body is gross, the mind is very fine, but yet both the body and mind is composed of the same substance. Now, this substance contains within itself the elements of activity, the elements of inertia, and the element of light, or lightness. And it is the currents that have been created, the turbulence that has been created by opposing impressions in man’s mind, that activate these three elements that constitute the entire memory range, or the entire span of man’s mind. So what man has to do is to take the substance, this matter in its subtlest form, and bring it to a equilibrium. The inertia, the lightness, the darkness, the light and the activating force that creates this war has to be brought to a state of equilibrium of tranquillity. Then all problems cease. And when problems cease, all problems are resolved.

Now, it is not necessary to experience, re-experience or be inflicted by things that you might have done before. Now, the analogy I always use is this, that if you have killed twenty people, does not mean that you will be killed twenty times, although the murdering of twenty people, that impression is in your mind. Now, how does one escape this? How does one eradicate this impression, so firmly implanted in your mind, in the various stratas, the various levels of the mind, right from the conscious, the sub-conscious, the unconscious, the superconscious? How are these impressions to be eradicated? How are these impressions to be brought to a tranquil state? The solution is simple. That if you have performed twenty negative deeds, try and perform twenty-one positive deeds. See how simple it is? And you rub your slate clean. The idea is always to be in the credit balance, for that bank manager will not stand your nonsense. That bank manager does not want you to be in the red all the time. He wants you to have a credit balance, yes, be in the black. You see, that is how it works.

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