Existence VII

The limited stage we call existence..

So what’s the sense of it?  No sense.  Rather wake up every morning and say to yourself that I am divinity itself.  I’m a product of divinity itself.  I’m a product of divinity; divinity shines through me; and I am that divinity.  So a simple little prayer in the heart.  Thank you, the powers that be, that I’ve seen a new day.  And let this day be good.  Help me to make it a good day.  Best.  You see.  So all these thousands of books published on astrology and all this… you talk of junk foods in this country.  Junk foods.  I call these junk sciences.  Not necessary.  Because you are formulating your life every moment of the day.  Therefore you are the master of your destiny and not some two‑bit astrologer.

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