Joyful Meaning


Adding meaning to life

Copy(2)ofGururajphotos025Life is both meaningful and also meaningless. It depends on how you look at life. If you find life to be meaningless, then it will become meaningless. But if you find life to be meaningful, then you will find ways and means by you viewing your life to be meaningful. What is the definition of being meaningful? It is very simple, that you are full of meaning. Where does this meaning arise from? This meaning comes from purposefulness of life. And if you find that your life has a purpose unto itself, then you will become purposeful and therefore meaningful.

Now what is the purpose of your life? What people normally do they get up in the morning, get to the bathroom, and do all the s’s, which is… never mind. You know. [laughter] Then they go to work, they come home, they have dinner, they go to bed, and they might have their relationships with their spouses or wives or whatever, and then go to sleep again but just to wake up again the next morning and repeat the same routine. So. Is that the purpose of life, to follow a shedule‑‑schedule, you call it schedule, don’t you, a schedule, routine, day after day after day, 365 and a quarter days of the year? Is there any great purpose in that? Of course you have to go to your office or to your factory or to your school or whatever work you are doing. And how do you do it? Not with happiness. You find it a bore after a little while. It stops becoming exciting. While the real purpose of life is to find the excitement of life where every moment becomes so precious, so wonderful, so joyful. That is the purpose of life.

So we are missing out the most important ingredient in the soup of life; because you are in a soup, that’s for sure. Add a bit of spice in the soup. That little spice would add to the joy for you to appreciate and enjoy the soup more. It’ll make it taste better, depending, of course, on your taste.

So we can add meaningfulness to life by making life more joyous, or otherwise we can make it meaningless, where you just exist. That’s meaninglessness. But adding that extra little bit to the soup of life you would enjoy it and thereby making it meaningful; because the very enjoyment of existence and the joy itself is meaningful. Don’t look for anything else. Not necessary. Make life joyful, and in that joy you will exude it to all those around you and make their lives joyful too.

So you go to work in the morning, fine, and you enjoy your job, whatever you are doing, and you come home with a lovely smile to your wife, and you hug her or kiss her. Won’t that make her joy feel joyful too? So you see your joy is forever expanding. It’s like throwing a pebble in the pond and it has this rippling effect all the time, to all those that surround you. You must watch me, and those that travel around with me will verify what I’m saying to you now, that whoever I meet, total stranger, but I will put a smile on his or her face all the time. Why? What is the secret? I don’t contrive it. I don’t plan it. I’m spontaneous all the time as you all know. But the joy that exudes from me effects the other person and they become joyful too.

So that is meaningful, it is not meaningless because you are adding love and peace to the world. How nice it is to see someone smile. They could be sad but just a look, perhaps just a word, would put a smile or their faces and make their day. That’s meaningful. But if you walk around with a long face, so sad, it would be meaningless to the purpose of your life. Why were you born in the first place? You were born to learn of life and evolve. But, in the process, if you bring joy unto others with just a smile or a kind word, you will evolve faster.

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