The 20 Times satsang V

What is realization?

Must we give up all attachments to become self realized5
Must we give up all attachments to become self realized5

What did Descartes say again? I asked you to remind me the other day. «I think, therefore, I am.» The bloody fool. If he was here, I would shoot him. I think, therefore, I am. Who thinks, what thinks, and what thought could give you the meaning that I am what I am. You see how wrong Descartes was. You could never think that you are; but you are, therefore, you think. The other way around.

See, these philosophers, Herbert Spencer, Schopenhauer, Nichte, Fichti, Jichte, what a waste of valuable time. And Kant too, he spelled his name wrong. What a great loss of valuable time and of paper. With us it is different. I with a touch can make you experience who you are. You just have to be a bit ready for it. You just take one step and I will take you ten steps farther. That is my responsibility. And if you can only walk one step, I will carry you for ten more to give you rest. And then kick your backside and say, «Now come on, do some more walking.» And when you feel tired, I’m still there with you. These are truths, these are true teachings, which must come within one’s realization. And do not think that you’ve realized something, because realization has nothing to do with thought.

Because all thought is formulated by one’s imagination, by the creation of one thought combining itself with another thought, thinking it is creating a new thought. It is not. That is what thinking is all about. But realization is something else. Real‑ I‑ without any cessation. Real I cessation. Real I without cessation. That is the realization. So children of immortality, like Vivekananda has said, arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached. But I would add on to that: guy, be brave.

Let me tell you a little secret, and understand this well. That which you think is real is not real at all. That which you think is unreal is true reality. Did you get that? The true reality is that «it,» that cannot find any confirmation in your mind saying that it is real. It can’t.

So what are you confirming? What are you affirming?

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