Non dualism V

Have fun!

Non-Dualism - V
Non-Dualism - V

So let me tell you this, that 99.999% of your problems in your mind are self‑created without any damn substance.  So that which you have created without substance… very easy way out of it‑‑pull the chain!
That is the secret of life.  Forget the past.  It is gone. Do not project yourself into the future, it might not be there. But live for this moment, Audrey.  Live for this moment.  And then you’ll preserve your physical health, you’ll preserve your mental health, you’ll become integrated in mind, body and spirit, and you’ll enjoy life.  For life is joy.  So, as I always say, enjoy the joy.  Why deny yourself of that beautiful joy of this so‑ called existence when you can have fun.  What’s wrong with fun. Enjoy it.  But be honest and sincere, that’s important.  If I should kiss you‑‑I don’t know which one‑‑I would be doing it with total honesty and sincerity and without any thought of lust. Because in that peck on your cheek‑‑or wherever‑‑I’d be imparting to you something that you need.  And to change your entire lifestyle and make you appreciate that which you think is suffering.  And change it in such a way, very sweetly and beautifully.  That’s the way we function.
I always said gurus are dumb‑asses.

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