Flow of the natural self

I try to teach in so many ways how you could just be yourself. And to be yourself you must find the way of total naturalness and flow. Isn’t that what we teach? To make yourself feel totally free and to just be your natural self flowing. Tonight, the idea is to have a little fun, so I have come down dressed in my jamies and dressing gown. And why not? Of course, we wouldn’t do this in a public satsang. But with my family, why shouldn’t you be closer and closer to me? The father’s here, and he’s walking with his cane while in his jamies and his gown. I’m not shy in coming down in my jamies and my gown. I’m not! My children will know that our Father is me, and who wants to be separated from the Father? You come closer and closer to the Father, and the Father comes closer and closer to you. That is the art of life: where I’m not apart or separate at all from you, not at all. I’m always with you, and with you in total respect. So, with my children why must I go and doll myself up and be the spectacle guru or the guru on the pedestal? Just let me be me and let yourself be thee. So, life moves along like the waves of a song, composing the divine symphony to make one realize in its own melody that you are none else but me. So flow, if you feel low add an «f» and flow.

I’m talking to you fathers, now– in your homes, are you going to bother dressing up? No, you’re not going to do that. You don’t need to. It’s just falsity. With your children, you walk around your house in your jamies, and this makes them feel that they are with someone that loves them. Then they can learn how to accept the father that walks around with them in his jamies. Learn this lesson well, and what it means. Today and forevermore, just be yourself– so that you, my sons, daughters, and whomever will always be with me. When that realization dawns, you’ll find life becoming happier and happier. It is the quality of life that we have to develop. Quantity means nothing. There was a famous general who died very young, Alexander the Great. He is supposed to have said, «One moment of glory is worth so many years of living life without glory.» And you are glory! You are glorified! Don’t you know that? It would be surprising if you don’t know this, because I can only see glory, glory, glory, all around me. There is nothing but divine glory that flows through each of us. We are wandering in the woods, and we miss the beauty of the trees and to forget the woods.

The Flow of the Natural Self - The Pijama Satsang

The Flow of the Natural Self – The Pijama Satsang

For you are in the woods, you wooden heads! So, let the mind be filled with sawdust, rather than the thinking mind!

The thinking mind creates all the problems. If only the mind would not think of all of the problems that people think! Thinking is a power that should be used wisely. But how many of us do that? It’s just a tool to be used, as there are many kinds of tools to be used for different purposes. You can use this tool of thinking as an instrument of power to devour the sense of thinking that you are the doer of all that is done and of all that is doing. You are not the doer, you are not that which is done, and you are not the doing! So, we progress from mind to mind, from soul to soul, from heart to heart! You can describe this progress, and I am the scribe that describes the power of our Father. So be like the Mother or the Father– and just live naturally! When this is achieved by you, you will find that life can never be blue. Not to be blue means to be happy. And that is you. You are the designer of life. That is the beauty of life. That is the joy of life.

Life is nothing else but the creation of our own little minds, which we conceive of as being the doer of life. But if you go just a little deeper down, you will start to realize that you are not the doer. Everything is done! Morality (and thinking) is something that keeps us together in our life, to keep us straight on the path. It is made to keep us together in one piece. But how do you spell piece? Is it p-i-e-c-e? (Try instead to) throw away that little “i” there. Throw away the “I” of your little self, so that the word becomes p-e-a-c-e instead of p-i-e-c-e. Do you see how it goes together, then? So why should we fall into pieces? These are little secrets which bring us to peace. And peace is not just a concept, but it is an experience of life itself. How many of you know the meaning of life?

You don’t, because you do not live life. How could you know the meaning of life if you don’t live it? The meaning of everything lies in the living of it. And that undefinable IT is life itself in its fullest, fullest, fullest glory. That is life. That’s how life goes on — when people think that they live. They don’t. They only think that they live. Thinking is something different and apart from living. For example, you see this cane I am using. You think it is just a cane. You might even see it as a golden cane. But that is only what you are thinking. In reality it’s just a piece of wood. So, see this wood as what makes up the trees. And then see this as the tree of life that is so splendid in its various forms—in all its branches, its leaves–in a myriad of ways. And the tree of life accompanies itself with a breeze that sings its own particular song, blowing through the branches and the leaves. What a beautiful symphony it composes! Please, please, please, listen to my words, if you can. And listen to the symphony of life. And yet, you can be totally at ease. How many times have you sat down to listen to a beautiful piece of music? It could be Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, whoever your favorite composer is. How many times have you just sat and listened, and just felt the music? And ask yourself how many time you have been at ease? What I’m trying to say is this: just be there, that’s all. Let the music flow, and flow with it.

 What am I doing now? I’m not lecturing. No, I’m singing to you the song of life. As the song goes,“if you want to go, go… But where are you going to? Instead of moving that way to go away, rather come, come, and come closer to my heart! That would be the life’s hope! For you, I have lost everything… And for you I have come…” I portray the colors of life. And why do you think I draw the colors of life? It is for you that I do it, to show you these various colors, so that the various hues and colors of life may be a remembrance of me in your heart. What else, what else can I say to you? I’ve come for you, I’ve come for you, so remember me in your heart. In all these various hues and colors, my brush is flowing.

This is what I’m telling you, that in all these various hues and colors my brush is flowing and creating. What are we creating? So that in every color and in every hue, you will remember me. What I’m trying to do is to take all the hues of the various colors and bring it into such harmony, so that I could be in your heart. And that is the art of supreme art. So, we have to harmonize our lives with all the various colors that form life. And when they can be harmonized and put together in a pattern, in a form of beauty, then don’t you think our lives can become really beautiful? Do you see? So, who is the creator of it all? Yes, you are! You! You! You! You are the creator of it all, helped by the Supreme Creator that knows it all. As the song goes, “How can I create these colors? Yet I can blend them in harmony…How can I create the colors, when I am not the creator?” The colors are created by some other force, some other power. But with my freewill, I will know how to blend them all to create harmony. And that is the harmony that is required in the lives of all my children. Create it! You are not the creator of the colors, but you can become the blender of the colors in true harmony.

How wonderful it works! It is there just for the asking and for the taking. Life’s laughter must take you above your little self. And when you reach there you will find the glory not of God, but the glory of yourself. Because you are all glorious, shining in Divinity. That’s what you are! So why involve yourself in insecurity, impurity and all that rubbish? Why? It’s not necessary. You are pure and you are Godly and goodly. You’re the product of Divinity. And Divinity does not produce the rubbish that you think you are. So, live in security. You are secure in the arms of your guru and God. Whatever you wish to believe, that’s not important. The important factor is just to feel secure, and to feel within yourself that self-confidence. Self-confidence? What “self” are we talking about? The Self is co-incident with your little self. Self-confidence is when you stop conning yourself in untruths.

Instead of confidence, have the co-incidence that I and Divinity are one.

We are one with our Father. What a beautiful incidence to be co-incident within. Do you understand that? The prefix “co” means to be together, as it does in the word, “co-operative.” Life is an incidence that is co–together and combined. The little incidence is combined with the Supreme Incidence, and this is nothing but an incidence of life– in our lives, at least, living on this little planet called Earth. It could be quite incidental, but it is not: the incidence is not incidental. It is the product of ourselves. God never created you. You created yourself as you are now. God was just the impetus, the energizing force that helped you create yourself into what you are today. You yourself must find your own real way. I will show you how to walk, but you have to use your own feet to be able to walk.

And in reality, with whose feet are you walking? For example, sometimes I don’t eat for weeks or I don’t even have a glass of water. And then the thought dawns that each of you are drinking water for me. You are eating for me. You are walking for me. Because I exist in each and every one of you. So, you are doing it. I’m not. You are the manifestation of the Manifestor. So, let the manifestations do it all and you just sit back, as I’m sitting back. But you must empower manifestation to work whenever and whatever to perform the actions needed in life. I don’t know how many of you can understand what I am telling you. But these are the deepest philosophical truths that you could ever come across. In this lifetime, I’ve come to expand upon truths I’ve given before in various forms. But as the human intellect has progressed and has found the ability to think a bit more, I have expanded this knowledge a bit more. Five years ago, I used to speak in a different way. But as I see that my beloveds are progressing so well, I can go slightly deeper. And as time goes by we will go deeper. I am inexhaustible, because wisdom is inexhaustible. I could tell you so many, many things. For example, I could tell you what you had for breakfast this morning, and what you had for lunch, too. But who am I to do that? You have your own life to live, and you must live it as best you can according to your capacity.

And of course, you will have to bear the outcome. If you eat food which is not good for your stomach and you get indigestion, who is going to be blamed for it? Only you. I used to write scripts, direct, produce and act in mostly Hindi films. And these films had to be something very full, so that you had your tears, your drama and your comedy interspliced with your action, and the car chases, and all that rubbish. Its what people want. That was the business, and why not? The banks have to be repaid for financing. Therefore, we had all these ingredients to make up the picture. Life must be like that. Have all the ingredients there to make up life’s picture, life’s entertainment, so that life could be lived joyously. All these ingredients are there, and all of them are important.

What’s wrong with a few tears? What’s wrong with a laugh? There must be joy. There must be that comedy. And life in itself is nothing but a comedy. As Shakespeare said, life is a stage and we actors play on the stage of life. And you know it’s all a bloomin’ act. What am I doing? I am not acting. I am enacting through these words the feelings of your hearts and your souls within me.

Do you see? You can act and you can enact. Think about that difference.

(After listening to a talk of mine, it would be nice if you all would sit for a half an hour to discuss with yourselves «What did Guruji tell us about today?» It will give you a better understanding. The idea would be to exchange opinions and views and understandings. You could really learn a lot. I speak very simply so that I could be understood. But if you fathom the depth of what I’m telling you all about, you’ll find this more concrete by having a discussion in the group together. You will be able to analyze your minds, so that you would be able to think deeper; jnana yoga)

Now, what do we gain from this satsang where I came down in my jammies? To draw out my children in deeper love. I draw you out into the quality of love, because that is what everyone needs to know: how to love. And they do that with surrender– not to the master, but surrendering themselves to themselves.

The hardest part of life is to know how to surrender yourself to yourself, not to anyone else.

That follows as a matter of course. The other reason I came down in my jamies and robe is to show you the problem of mental inhibitions. You want to doll yourself up. For what? To impress someone? Now, by trying to impress someone else you are only entering into a deeper and deeper level of depression, because of the impression that you are trying to create. What do I care if I put on a beautiful suit? And why should you care? Oh, you might say that Guruji was down there in his jamies and his robe. But what does it matter? What matters is my love for you and your love for me. That matters. My entire life is composed not only of words, but of life living itself, in its own natural self. If a cat or a dog walks in here, is that cat or dog going to dress itself? No.

We would like them in their own fur. The message is: be yourself, love yourself. Now, this does not mean that you must turn up tomorrow morning in your jamies! This is just to show you how to free your mind from inhibitions and repressions. Free yourself from them and you will become much, much happier with yourselves. And you will know the meaning of life. This is just a little demonstration. I mean, we don’t do this every day, you know! When I’m in the company of professors, I dress like a professor. And when I’m in the company of clowns, I become a clown. How many are there here, hum? And when I’m in the company of children, I become a child. When I’m in the company of a mother, I lay my head on her lap like a little child. And when I’m in the company of my beloved, I know what to do then, too! You know that Gururaj fellow? Do you know that guy? I think I know him a little. Have you heard of him? Right. He’s just too much!





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