A balanced life is a total life

All unhappiness and strife in this world come because people do not function as total human beings. What is lacking is integration—of body, mind, and spirit. A balanced life, a total life, will be a life where the physical, mental, and the spiritual aspects live in harmony, and a person lives as one unit, as […]

Honesty and sincerity

Drug-taking leads to fragmentation; meditation leads to integration. Spiritual growth depends upon your honesty and sincerity, and on your wanting to find a certain inner freedom and yet be part of society. The big “I” permeates all thoughts, and all actions of the small “I”. The degree of permeation of the big “I” depends entirely […]

Function in wholeness

For a radio to be tuned in properly to get the broadcast, the radio has to be in good order. The tubes and the cells in the radio have to be working well and in harmony. Now, that harmony, in our terminology, is called integration. So when our “radio” is totally integrated, or working in […]

A meeting takes place

Why put so much emphasis on ESP and mystical powers? The emphasis should be on integration of the mind, body, and spirit. The emphasis should be on reaching the kingdom of heaven within, on drawing from that infinite source. Then our lives become smoother, more harmonious, and fulfilled; filled with love, kindness, compassion, and all […]


We do not want total independence, we do not want total dependence. What we want is interdependence of the relative with the Absolute. Through spiritual practices and meditations we form a union with a higher force, with a higher being. Truth itself is none else than harmony within yourself and all that surrounds you. When […]

Love is the outcome

The person who does not really require more money, but wants to double it and triple it, has created within himself a false need, which is a product of a mental aberration. In other words, that person’s mind has not found balance, and is imbalanced. The worst adversity in life can be turned into an […]