Glimmer of Love

Gururaj’s poetry is deeply affective and depicts his insight into the human personality and explores the nature of the spiritual and material worlds. He saw all as the beloved. If you like Tagore and Hafiz, you will love this.

From Darkness to Light

A collection of talks given in the United States. A sharing of the living presence of truth. These talks deepen and accelerate growth of each individual on whatever spiritual path that person has chosen for himself.

God and man

What caused man to feel separate from God in the first place? Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here? Gururaj answers some of life’s most basic existential questions.
He explains that we are not separate from Divinity.

The master reflects

The essence of thought contained in these pages is universal, without regard to culture, doctrine or dogma. They are selected to fuel your own fire of further inquiry and knowledge.       Chapter Headings: The Ego Love Meditation The Mind The Seeker and the Path Illusion and Maya The Master and the Disciple Order […]

Warrior’s Song: The Journey Home

Warrior’s Song: The Journey Home takes you on an adventure through childhood with a boy, through war in the jungles of Vietnam with a young U.S. Marine, into corporate boardrooms with an Information Technology Executive, and into the heart and soul of a seeker of Truth. Along the way, Robert Anderson deepens his understanding of […]

The Path of Unfoldment

The aim of the Path of Unfoldment is to share some of the wisdom of a remarkable man and teacher, Gururaj Ananda Yogi. His message is profoundly spiritual, yet also intensely practical and compassionate, bringing together universal truths with all aspects of human experience in a way that is unique among modern spiritual teachers. He […]

Quantum Aspects of Self Realisation

Scientists are sure we see only 26 % of ourselves and our surroundings. We can’t see our other 74%; it’s in dimensions we generally ignore because our senses don’t perceive them. But they’re there, they’re accessible and the answers to all life’s practical problems, plus absolute knowledge of our origin, lie in understanding them. This […]

Melting into meditation

Melting Into Meditation is not only for beginners, it’s for all meditators who want to get the maximum out of their technique – including settling quickly into meditation, being less distracted and letting go of mind stuff that holds us back in life, regardless of whether we meditate or not. The book comes in at […]