We have to establish relationships in our lives, with our beloved ones. Relationships with your husband and wife, with your work mates, with your family. Relationships is an important area of anyone's life. Here you have a few secrets about the experiencing of fulfilling relationships

How would you say goodbye?

Let us talk of hate.  What is hate?  There is no hate. There is no hate.  Because hate is a projection from a conditioned mind, and all projections are illusory.  No man is capable of hating.  No man is capable of hating, but he is only capable of projecting.  Man is capable of loving, yes, and love knows no projection. 

‘Love for the sake of Love’

La gente dice que el amor es ciego y eso es muy cierto, porque el amor no oye, no ve, no piensa. Cuando amas a alguien, dejas de ver los errores de esa persona, porque esa fuerza te llena de tal forma que todos las faltas y fragilidades no se ven.

Passion and compassion

  What is basically passion, and what constitutes passion? There could be so many different kinds of passions. Certain kinds of passions are totally physical. Yet there is a divine passion which is totally spiritual, and in that spirituality of spiritual passion, there develops within you an intense longing for that divinity that we all […]

Peaceful relationships

If I think anything of another person then I must surely know that those are my thoughts, and what apparently seems to be misery could be great joy. How can we judge the so called misery a person is going through?

That is the beauty.

So when we reach the stage, and it’s not really easy, and joking apart, not easy, but we can develop this sense of non attachment. We don’t need to look far. It is right here and now, with everything.

Devotion is the expression of Love

You surrender, not to your beloved, but you surrender yourself to yourself. Yet your beloved feels that you have surrendered to him or her.

Acceptance in relationships

When the wife or the husband becomes demanding in getting the attention to feed his or her ego and self-importance, friction begins. To avoid this friction one has to learn acceptance and surrender.

Unfolding love in a relationship

Love has to be worked at over a period of years so that two people slowly begin to understand each other. They begin to understand the faults and frailties of each other, and in understanding them, they accept them.