The mirror of life III

Everything is One And when everything is one, no conflicts could remain in your mind at all. For all your problems are because of conflicts. And those conflicts is forever conning you all the time with its flicks and flickerings in your mind. Get rid of those, my beloveds, it’s so easy. Do your spiritual […]

The 20 Times Satsang I

Must we give up all attachments to become self realized? ROOPA: Dropping the cymbals, eh? All the symbols. This is a question from Nirmala which she didn’t get to ask on the last course. To attain permanent liberation in this life, must we give up all attachments to person, including ego, to place, to experience, […]

The 20 Times Satsang II

Looking yourself honestly in the mirror I have not changed at all, for I come from the land of changelessness and I will reach the land of changelessness. So from the non‑changing we are proceeding to non‑changing. And yet all the things that come up in your minds changing, changing, changing, which are none else […]

The 20 Times satsang III

The thought that found it’s own existence and that still carries on and on.. There are so many automatic processes going on in this universe of ours, even within your own bodies, that you are not even aware of. How much are you aware of your heart beating? Unless you get a pain, then you […]

The 20 Times Satsang IV

Consider life as an experience that exists by itself So we normally divide things up because separation is part of our nature. We always divide things up. This glass is separate from me. And you are separate from her. Or whatever the case might be, I am separate from that video camera. And because of […]

The 20 Times satsang V

What is realization? What did Descartes say again? I asked you to remind me the other day. «I think, therefore, I am.» The bloody fool. If he was here, I would shoot him. I think, therefore, I am. Who thinks, what thinks, and what thought could give you the meaning that I am what I […]

The 20 times satsang VI

This world is pregnant with thoughts that will never germinate This world is pregnant, and I’m not talking of the population explosion. Pregnant with thoughts that could never germinate because it is involved in thought formations. Now how can the formless have formation, and how can thought realize with its own particular forms that which […]

Can you get self realized in one life time? (VI)

And we need to have stones put in those grooves that are based on believes that are totally fallacious. We have to analyze our believes as part of this path, and in doing this, the techniques devised by Katie in “The work” can be very helpful  to many of you. Do not feel guilty, which […]