Negative Disposition

Gururaj: A person who is negatively disposed to you what you could do about it, is that what it is?

Gururaj_priya_123Firstly we have to understand what negative disposition is. A person could be very positive towards you but your interpretation of that person’s positivity might seem negative to you. A father slaps a child. Now that to the outside observer might seem very negative, would not know the relationship between the child and the father. And yet the father slaps the child to benefit the child. And as we parents know, that it hurts the father more than what it hurts the child. So the expression of negativity or positivity is mostly one of receptivity, how one receives it.

A person is negative to me and yet I would interpret it very, very positively and that positivity would mean that I would try and delve within the mind of the person and find out to myself, why is that person so called negative to me. In finding that out why that person is negative, I will be finding out a lot about myself. And by finding out a lot about myself, I would be able to improve myself. So the reception of any negativity from another, is purely an interpretation of my mind.


So in every act perpetrated upon one, there is always some goodness. Even in hatred, there is love. Even in jealousy, there is trust. So how one interprets things depends entirely upon one’s personal stature. A child came to complain to his father that someone swore at him. So the father asks «Do you know him?» The son says «Yes.» «Is he a friend of yours?» He says «Yes.»

Gururaj_priya_119«So if he was an enemy and did not know you, he would have not sworn at you. But because he knows you and he is a friend of yours, he swore at you. So what? Perhaps in his own way, perhaps on that spur of the moment where he was filled with some little anger, remember he is your friend, perhaps he was filled with some little anger. And this might have been just the outcome of that anger and anger like everything else must subside. No malice must be had.»

  • Now if one interprets things in that manner, then one could never be subjected to another person’s negativity.



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