Our view is narrow because the conscious mind acts only as a vehicle for the upper strata of the subconscious to flow through it. In other words, the patternings that are there in the upper strata of the subconscious mind is being expressed through the conscious mind.

Samskaras are the patternings gathered through the process of evolution

We are today the product, the sum total of every action and every thought of the past. Nothing is ever destroyed, it is there eternally. All your actions and every thought that you have ever thought is there within your memory box, and that is what we call samskaras. We are nothing but a bundle […]

Non dualism III

Proving the Truth of Existence So I, with something that has no substance but which has just created an impression there, presume that this mind and this body is real.  So now, what have we done so far?  We are accepting the reality of the mind and the body, and, at the same time, we […]

Samskaras need not only be bad

We are nothing but a bundle of past actions and thoughts that have been heavily impressed upon our psyche. If a person now has a horrifying vision or experience in meditation, it doesn’t matter. The beautiful experience is just as valid as the ugly experience. What is brought to the fore is just the impression. […]

Rise above the law of opposites

During meditation, when people have experiences, what does it mean? It is simply that by diving deeper into our subtler levels of our minds, we are bringing to the fore, or to the conscious mind, experiences which already exist. Behind the act, it is the motive or motivation that causes samskaras. One could be totally […]

Thoughts go on and on

Thoughts are very persistent things. They go on and on. The more you fight them and the more you push them away, the more they come and take you deeper into the whirlpool of samskaras. If it is not possible to discipline the mind then it is very possible to discipline the body. The body […]

Learning means cleaning up

Learning lessons does not mean acquiring. That which we call learning means cleaning up . . . and this is how we attain a state of purity. All the dirt has to be wiped away—the dirt of samskaras, which is the combinations and permutations of the various impressions. The superconscious mind is at the finest […]


A dream is a composite story drawing forth elements from various experiences of this life or of many other lives. Many experiences are brought together and thrown into a pot and the soup that comes out is the dream. When the dream seems very vivid, it means that certain experiences of the day or for […]