Real friendship lies in giving; and not giving because he or she is a friend, but giving for the sake of giving. So when this quality develops in a person, giving for the sake of giving, it enhances the friendship without effort, for you are giving. Now giving does not only mean a present or something mundane or monetary. It is giving of oneself; it is giving of one's entirety. The greatest relationship between man and wife, for example, is based on that kind of friendship. For to be married is nothing else but a friendship which is stabilized, and two people live together as friends in the same ship in this ocean of life.

Friendship and need

Real friendship, like love, should have no need. Where there is no need, there is total acceptance of a friend. Man knows that he cannot exist without friendship, and yet he abuses friendship, because in the friendship, self is involved instead of selflessness. It is so easy to love a friend; anyone can do that. […]

Friendship – Giving yourself to others

The cup runneth over . . . why let it go down the drain? And if you are thirsty enough, have the whole cup; why only that which runs over? Have the whole cup, I know I can replenish it—there’s plenty more where that comes from. The eternal spring, undying, is forever producing that life […]


True friendship is to find Divinity in the friend. And as you find Divinity in the friend, you will find a subtle transformation taking place in the friend as well. You will find him being uplifted, and he will not know why. He will only respond by loving you more, and he will not know […]

Learning to respond to thee

When we are unjust to another, we are being violent to that person. Being violent to the person, we are stealing the peace of that person. What greater theft can there be than stealing someone’s peace? To be able to really love, you must start knowing yourself. If you cannot know yourself, how can you […]