Spiritual force is what awakens the light within you

The true teacher is he who does not talk from the mind, although the mind and the mouth has to be used, but he talks from a spiritual depth which he has experienced himself. So what he is conveying to you so that your mind can grasp it is wisdom that comes from within. But […]

Teaching Meditation

There are many meditation teachers over there, and many can help you although they still may have a lot to learn themselves. Find a good teacher to learn meditation in an appropriate way and then allow the teachings in this pages guide your intellect in the right direction and your allow your heart to shine on your path.

Accepting the teachings from a teacher

The person most qualified to accept what a teacher says is the one with devotion in his heart. When devotion is there, there is acceptance. If one is lacking in devotion, then evaluation will not come from the heart, it will come from the mind.


Some people are born with such deep faith in them, from the word go and to have that faith in them, they have at some time or another, perhaps in their previous lives who knows, worked hard for that faith.

The Real and the Unreal

Let me tell you a little secret, and understand this well. That which you think is real is not real at all. That which you think is unreal is true reality. Did you get that? The true reality is that «it,» that cannot find any confirmation in your mind saying that it is real. It […]

Talking to God

The best way to review our talking is by not talking. Now what does that mean? It means that talk is nothing else but the verbalization of thought. And when thoughts become steady, silent, and find an equilibrium, then the real talk begins, the real review begins between you and Him. So words has its […]

Once a teacher, always a teacher

Once a teacher, always a teacher

The Teacher and the Taught

If you find a guru, at any time, who tells you, “I will show you God,” discard him. A guru can guide you on the path, but you have to do the walking yourself. No one else can do it for you. When there is a true yearning, a strong desire to find the purpose […]