Accepting the teachings from a teacher

Gururaj with B & JThe person most qualified to accept what a teacher says is the one with devotion in his heart. When devotion is there, there is acceptance. If one is lacking in devotion, then evaluation will not come from the heart, it will come from the mind. But there is no hope lost because our practices are designed to expand the heart. With the appreciation and expansion of the mind, an expansion of the heart must naturally occur; then we develop the qualities of acceptance, belief, and faith.

Now, we do not say have blind faith—that is what some religions teach, blind faith. We are seekers of the truth, seekers of the essence of truth, so we do use our intellectual faculties. We evaluate the truth as much as we can understand it. If a proposition is set forth, many minds may not understand that proposition because they have not reached that stage of understanding, and there is nothing wrong with that. All must work within their own capacity.

We are responsible for all that has befallen us. That principle must be accepted, not only as a mental concept, but really felt deep within ourselves. “What has befallen me is because of me and not you.” Now, having brought it upon myself and accepting that fact, then we ask the second important question: “What am I going to do about it?” And when I ask that question, within the stillness of my mind, the power of Grace becomes activated and the answer comes.


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