‘Love for the sake of Love’

The mind knows of needs, not the heart. The mind recognises the need. It could be the need of dependency. It could be emotional dependency. It could be physical dependency.

We do find people that are together for years because of physical dependencies and which is nothing but the mind involved with the senses or the sensual self of man. That is not love and that is not opening the heart. That is playing tricks with the mind. The mind plays tricks with itself upon itself. And then we start believing that I love. You can’t believe you love. Love just is. It requires no believing.

So with the meditational practices, we bypass the various crevices of the mind and feel that force within. We feel that force within and the feeling is felt with the mind. But yet the mind at its finer level, at its finer level, cognises and recognises that force and therefore it appreciates it.

People say ‘Love is blind’. That is very true, because love does not see, does not hear, it does not think. When you love someone, you fail to see the faults of that person because that force overwhelms one so much that all the faults and frailties are not seen at all. Then there is a certain measure of love.

But when you don’t love someone, all the faults of the person become so magnified. It gets magnified out of proportion, not by the heart but by the mind. You see the tricks we play upon ourselves?

Now, the idea is not to think about love. The idea is to feel love. How does one feel love, is when we bring ourselves to that state of innocence. Be innocent as a child and the Kingdom of Heaven is forever open.

That is the heart. That Kingdom is the heart. Not the individualised heart that has been so distorted by us by the processes of the mind, where the mind tries very unsuccessfully to limit the heart. And what happens then in this failure of trying to limit the heart, conflicts arise and one conflict breeds more conflicts and it goes on in a vicious circle.

Now when a man loves a woman or a woman loves a man, the presence or the closeness of each other, many of you might have experienced this, that the mind does not function, the body, you become oblivious of the body and something else takes over where you are transported away. You are lost in love there. You’re transported away where the mind, the thinking is gone, the body, you become oblivious of it and there is just this ‘isness’.

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