Prana could also be called shakti

Prana could also be called shakti. Shakti means power, and power means force. At the very beginning of creation this force was manifested because it is the nature of the unmanifest to become manifest. The activating force behind everything is prana. The relationship between prana and the three gunas is that the three gunas would […]

No doctor can cure your ailment

In any good deed or bad deed the same energy is used—it is a matter of direction. If a person embarks on a destructive course, we say that Satan has possessed him, and if he goes on a constructive course we say that he is goodly and godly. There’s no goodly-and-godliness here: he did a […]

There is no such thing as miracles

When matter becomes very, very fine it can be observed as a form of energy. Energy is the other side of the coin of matter. Matter and energy are the same thing. This being so, we cannot destroy them. All the energy in the universe is contained within you. The subtle energy within us is […]