Self examination

I know a young lady, beautiful girl, intelligent, one of our meditators, everytime she met a man, she used to like the man, the man used to like her, but something just happened where it just ended, all the time. One, two, three, four, five, don’t know how many, beautiful friendships but they could just not lead into anything or towards anything.

Resist not evil

So, in acceptance, you surrender first to yourself by accepting the blockages and the weaknesses. When one does that and when one is honest with oneself, immediately the other force takes over and faces us. It knocks us right on the head. You see its there, seen, tangible and then we surrender to that force. That is what is meant by ‘Thy will be done’.

Life is self surrender and acceptance.

Now, when we have the principle of acceptance, what do we accept? Firstly we accept the fact that my heart feels pinched. Right. That means facing reality. See these two words contain every bit of practical living that you could ever think of and we can write volumes and volumes on it.

Do nothing

Cuando hablamos de abrir el corazón, admitimos nuestra cercanía al corazón y el corazón parece como si estuviera pinchado, atrapado, y cuando digo que parece que está pinchado, significa que la totalidad de tu personalidad está atrapada, está pasando por una contracción sin la expansión. Y en esta contracción, en este estar pinchado, todo tipo de dolores, todo tipo de decepciones son sentidas.


I think I might have mentioned before that people don’t even know how to make love. They don’t really. They don’t know how to make love. They make love with their bodies only and the mind stimulates the body. People that are more physical, have physical stimulation while some others require psychological stimulation. And then of course most of the times the body and mind function together and that they call love-making. It is blasphemy. That is not love-making. That’s lust-making.

‘Love for the sake of Love’

La gente dice que el amor es ciego y eso es muy cierto, porque el amor no oye, no ve, no piensa. Cuando amas a alguien, dejas de ver los errores de esa persona, porque esa fuerza te llena de tal forma que todos las faltas y fragilidades no se ven.

How does one stimulate the heart?

Now it is very hard, it is very hard to start with the mind in opening up the mind, so that the heart could shine through. But it is so much easier for the heart to shine through in its own ‘isness’ through the mind and all the crevices of the mind. All the dirt in the mind is automatically washed away in this force, this torrent of this heart energy.

How do we begin by opening the heart?

Si un hombre dice «hoy tengo que ser más amable, más generoso, más amante», ¿acaso dice eso el corazón?, no, el corazón no dice eso. La mente lo dice, porque la mente reconoce o siente la cercanía del corazón.