Self examination

I know a young lady, beautiful girl, intelligent, one of our meditators, everytime she met a man, she used to like the man, the man used to like her, but something just happened where it just ended, all the time. One, two, three, four, five, don’t know how many, beautiful friendships but they could just not lead into anything or towards anything.

Gururaj_priya_084I spoke to her, we started analysing the situation and we asked the question, why? This girl lost the battle even before she started it. That was her whole mental attitude all the time. That force was emanating from her that did not cause an attraction and a firm bond but a repulsion. You see.

So to open to open the heart, to get away that pinchedness, one has to formulate one’s thinking and one’s thinking naturally formulates one’s action. So, therefore, if we want to open up the heart, we have to go through disciplines. Do not say, never say that he does not love me, or she does not love me. Always say ‘What am I doing to be loved?’ Always say that.

Always say that and when you say that, you are setting into motion a Divine law, a universal law. So, therefore the extraversion in communication starts firstly with the introversion with self examination and self examination is not enough. One has to act according to the solutions we find and if our minds are not capable of solutions, the Scriptures are there. Wise men are there, Sages are there who are forever ready, who are forever ready to assist.


So to recap, the heart is forever open. It is the core of the human personality. The core of human personality is Divine. It does not require opening or shutting or closing. It is forever there. It exists because it exists. ‘I am that I am’. Right. What requires remodelling and reframing and repatterning is our mind, our thinking processes.

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