Non duality

Advaita This video has a few clips from different satsangs in which Gururaj referred to this concept which is embeded somehow in his teachings, bacause he encompassed duality and non-duality as a process of spiritual unfoldment. Bellow is a satsang transcript that complements the video above. Questioner.  The most important part of your message has […]

Experiencing oneness

But if you just see only beauty, if you can see only beauty….  How can one achieve that state to see only beauty? You cannot, you cannot see tangible beauty only.  But you can see the reflection of true beauty.  And that reflection is beyond that which is tangible.  So here we go into the […]

Isness and Actuality

   So meditation and action are totally allied to each other. There is no separation. Why do you want to meditate is to find that oneness within yourself where the mind, body and spirit can become integrated. Fine. That is good, that must be done; but it must also find its expression in your daily […]

The purpose of life is to find oneness

Because these flowers are tangible we call them material. We call the vase material because it is tangible and perceptible by the five senses. We can see it, touch it, hear it, and smell it. But beyond the value of the five senses that make these objects material, there is a binding force which keeps […]

To live is to be awakened

To live is to be awakened. To live is to be alive to all the forces of nature around us in alertness. Deep alertness is that vast awareness where the entire universe is comprehended. When a spark flies out from the fire, the spark thinks, “Oh, look at this long existence of mine!” But in […]

Prana could also be called shakti

Prana could also be called shakti. Shakti means power, and power means force. At the very beginning of creation this force was manifested because it is the nature of the unmanifest to become manifest. The activating force behind everything is prana. The relationship between prana and the three gunas is that the three gunas would […]

Oneness of observation

There is nothing on earth that can give you happiness: it can only give you temporary pleasure. Anything which is complete can never be dual. Completeness itself is oneness. All existence is composed of that oneness and that oneness can be called Divinity. It is only one. All the differences we see are just name […]

Beyond the Laws of Opposites

We must go beyond the laws of opposites, or duality . . . pleasure and pain, sweet and bitter. When we start going beyond those laws of opposites we find the aim and need of all existence, the point where everything just becomes one. When that oneness is there who can hate whom? How can […]