Beyond the Laws of Opposites

1024px-Yin_yang.svgWe must go beyond the laws of opposites, or duality . . . pleasure and pain, sweet and bitter. When we start going beyond those laws of opposites we find the aim and need of all existence, the point where everything just becomes one. When that oneness is there who can hate whom? How can I hate you when you are me? This is a brief glimpse of the purpose of life.

That is how it all starts and that is how it all ends . . . from Divine nothingness. But that nothingness is the everything of all existence that is beyond man’s mental comprehension. We call it nothing because we do not understand it, yet it is everything. It is the very life force of every single atom. The human being is fortunate to have all of that within himself, to be able to appreciate it to a certain extent with the mind, and to experience it with the heart.

In stillness we do not only find our individual self, but we find our universal self. For the extent of every person is as vast as the extent of the entire universe. The entire universe is within each and every one. It is only when the individuality merges away in universality that we cross the boundary of time and become boundless and timeless.

Experiencing life as an experience that exists by itself
Experiencing life as an experience that exists by itself

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