Divinity face to face

divinity face to faceHow do we see Divinity face to face? When we can see that force in everything, in every living being, in every creature, in anything animate as well as inanimate.

When the sun shines, the sun shines for all, and the glory of Divinity is there for all. You see. So this is what we teach. And we show them very systematically how to get in touch with their deeper selves, with their inner selves, with the source within themselves. So, if we have this attitude in our teaching, then we would not judge, for it would be wrong to judge.

Why is it that we deny Divinity within ourselves? Now, let us ask another question:  Who is it that is denying the Divinity?  Ask that question.  Who is it that is denying that Divinity?  The essence, your true self, is Divine, your true self is Divinity, itself, and Divinity, itself, cannot deny itself; but this little mind which I call the «cunning animal,» that is denying Divinity.  That is what we have to clear up through spiritual practices.  That is the area where we have to infuse with the superconscious sattvic mind so that it recognizes the Divinity, and that is what spiritual practices are all about.  If I keep on denying Divinity, then truly I will know that it is just the surface layer of the mind that is denying Divinity, and yet every moment, every second of the day, Divinity is there.  That does not require proving, for it is proof itself.  Every breath you take, every beat of the heart, is the beat of Divinity.  We see it in action every time I lift my hand.  What force is there that is lifting this hand?  Proof of Divinity.


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