Personal and Impersonal God

Questioner: Guruji, this question arises from the difficulty I have with the concept of the Personal God, God with form and I ask myself what is that form? And then I understand from the things that you have said in the past that the Personal God, Ishvara, continues to exist during the present cycle of […]

Divine Will and Individual Will

Divine Will is a phrase so misunderstood. Divinity does not will anything. It is a common saying that ‘Let they will be done’. Now will in itself implies a thought process. Without thought, you cannot will and that is more for the human mind rather than the Divine mind. So what do we mean by […]

Thy will be done

Now people would say that, «Okay, I do spiritual practices. I find some peace. I find some betterment in life,» which is the experience of practically all people. «But how can we expedite it? How can we make it quicker?» The answer lies in the fact that you let go. Just let go of that which is called mind. Easier said than done. How does one let go?

Free will is a very strange creature..

Free will is a very strange creature. At the same time, it is the greatest gift given to mankind by Divinity for his own progress. Exercising free will may lead you to greater suffering, but that greater suffering could be more evolutionary for you. You might learn more from that suffering because behind your free […]

Good Intentions and Divine Will

Good intentions to relieve the suffering of others can turn out badly
Question of the motivation behind what you want to do – good deeds can be valueless
Work for the sake of doing it and not for the reward, for the recognition
Helping should not be as a duty – done without force or compulsion, not for a return

Ambition Filled with Humility

Within the path of Bhakti Yoga, one can surrender oneself consciously. First, through the thought process until all that, too, is discarded — thought, feeling, and emotions. With all that discarded, you yourself become the Divine will. The separation remains if you do not become the Divine will, and there is the conflict of free […]

You do not need to throw away everything

You do not need to throw away everything and go into a cave in order to live by Divine will. Have material things, but let it not be for greed, or a need which will engender a greater sense of ego, or greater self-aggrandizement. Do what you can, even in material ambitions, so that others […]

Sacrificing the Sense of Individuality

By sacrificing the sense of individuality, individual life merges into Divine life. It is the nature of the little wills to join themselves to become one with the great will or Divinity. It is inherent in everyone, because we are subject to the force of evolution. The thing that evolution does is to take you […]