Ambition Filled with Humility

Gururaj_pintando_y_discipuloWithin the path of Bhakti Yoga, one can surrender oneself consciously. First, through the thought process until all that, too, is discarded — thought, feeling, and emotions. With all that discarded, you yourself become the Divine will. The separation remains if you do not become the Divine will, and there is the conflict of free will and Divine will.

One may have ambition and yet the ambition should be filled with humility. There is nothing wrong with a desire to have billions of dollars, as long as the heart and mind are working with Divine law. The idea to be kept in mind is, that which is gathered is always offered at the feet of the Lord.

The law of nature is always there to help and support us. Nature is never against man. Man is a product of nature. Having that free will, we sometimes go against nature, and that is where the trouble starts.

Once you recognize and acknowledge the weakness which is a stumbling block to your happiness in life, then the cure has begun. Once you admit the weakness, then you accept yourself. When you accept yourself, you rid yourself of guilt. When you rid yourself of guilt, you say, “There is a force within me that is just waiting to burst out. I have been keeping the doors closed.” Then when we try to open the doors, we are amazed at how the light rushes out into our lives and brightens everything. In the torrential rush of that flood of light, your free will does not remain free will anymore; it becomes one with Divine will.

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