The mirror of life II

The Mirror of Life II
The Mirror of Life II

Do I exist or do I live?

GR16The question would start, «Do I exist or do I live?» Ninety‑ nine point nine nine nine percent of the world’s population, which is about 4000 million today, they do not live, they just exist. So live life with the realization that life is the aim and the end of all, and in that life I exist. And when you exist, do me one favor, take away the «s.» I exit. And bring life into myself. For you can’t have them together. You’ve got to exit. Then you live. And you live in divine joy, in total ecstasy where there is no botheration at all. Nothing bothers you, nothing disturbs you, nothing harms you. And if anything which you might find harmful, if you look at it properly… [interrupts to talk to crying baby in audience] («Oh, my son, my grandchild, that’s it, it’s nice, let us hear his voice as well, ahhh.») You see, you can’t have the two of them together. You can never compare existence with life. For with your consciousness at your present state of evolution, you have to live. At a lower level, the animal level or the plant level they exist; but you must live.

And I give you this life if you can understand it and understand my words. For life’s main ingredient is peace. And this peace, through grace, I extend to you. To ex‑tend that has no end. Then the «ex» just disappears. It is gone. When life becomes, as you would think is life disappears, then you are just existing. But when existence disappears you get awakened in life. And that is the awakening, that is the illumination, that is self‑ realization, and that is unity consciousness where everything around you becomes you. No distinctions are left.

When I taught through the body of Vivekananda… Viveka means discrimination, but that was necessary for that time, where discrimination between mind, body and soul had to be there. But the further stage is to go beyond discrimination and find that light that knows of no discrimination. These lights that burn here in this hall burn equally and one is not discriminating itself with the other.

So, we lose, as time goes by, the reflected images that we see in the mirror; and as we progress on the spiritual path, we do not see the image. But we look, and we look deep within ourselves. And when we look deep within ourselves the sense of discrimination develops. But beyond that, you become totally undiscriminative; where this wall becomes me, where this carpet am I, where all is nothing else but that I, encompassing the entirety, the totality. And what is that totality? It is unity consciousness. Uni means one. Uni is one. I don’t know why they put the «t» there. Unity. It should make you realize that all the units put together forms into that «t,» for you are all non‑ separate from each other. Everything is one.

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