Rejection of all ties

Copy (2) of Gururaj photos 008Aparigraha literally means rejection of all ties.

Now, as a householder we cannot reject all ties. By ties I don’t mean the lovely maroon one you have on there. The ties that are to be rejected are the unbalanced attachments.

Now we do find, we do find in the world how some people are attached to things so, so unnecessarily, things that mean absolutely nothing. I have seen a lady in whose home, very inadvertently, the maid broke the vase; and she nearly had a nervous breakdown.

She had a nervous breakdown – I don’t know if she thought she was going to take that vase with her – it happened, but her attachment to it was so much, and the attachment not only to the vase but also to the attachment of those that had passed on before her, her mother, her grandmother, her grandmother’s grandmother.

They are gone, they have reached another sphere. But because of that emotional attachment, all those things that passed away out of her life and that could be of no consequence in her present life, were all centred in this vase. That is wrong attachment

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