What is the purpose of having this freewill?

Now what is the purpose of having this freewill? What is the purpose? The purpose of having the freewill is so that you do not become fatalistic. Many a country has been ruined because of this fatalistic attitude that «Oh well, He’s the doer and whatever happens, happens.» That is not so.


Now when man realises that all is one and in the relative field everything must have its opposite. Pain must have pleasure and the other way round. Sunshine will bring rain. Cold will have its opposite in heat. And when a person resolves this and truly understands the law of opposites

The 20 Times Satsang I

Must we give up all attachments to become self realized? ROOPA: Dropping the cymbals, eh? All the symbols. This is a question from Nirmala which she didn’t get to ask on the last course. To attain permanent liberation in this life, must we give up all attachments to person, including ego, to place, to experience, […]

The 20 times satsang VI

This world is pregnant with thoughts that will never germinate This world is pregnant, and I’m not talking of the population explosion. Pregnant with thoughts that could never germinate because it is involved in thought formations. Now how can the formless have formation, and how can thought realize with its own particular forms that which […]

Enjoy the gift!

Where have you come from and where are you going to? You don’t know. Millions of mental speculations, but you do not know. You know that you were born and you know for certain that you are going to die, and that is life’s only certainty.

Can you get self realized in one life time? (III)

To act upon what life brings, serving it with integrity. We do not accept passively, we accept the challenge circumstances brings to us and act upon it. We accept thus the challenge with action. It is not a passive acceptance, it is an active acceptance of the challenges that life brings us. And we surrender […]

Accepting or rejecting… both meet at the end.

We are allowed to think. We are allowed to accept. We are allowed to reject. And that is what progress is all about. If you reject a certain thought, I will not say, “Do not reject.” I say, “Yes, go on rejecting—rejecting until you reach the stage of accepting.” It is like two people moving in opposite directions around this globe—sooner or later they will meet face to face at the other side.

Accepting the teachings from a teacher

The person most qualified to accept what a teacher says is the one with devotion in his heart. When devotion is there, there is acceptance. If one is lacking in devotion, then evaluation will not come from the heart, it will come from the mind.