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Acceptance and non-acceptance with respect of outer stimuli


Where have you come from and where are you going to? You don’t know. Millions of mental speculations, but you do not know. You know that you were born and you know for certain that you are going to die, and that is life’s only certainty. So between the birth and death the rest is a gift. Enjoy it. And you can enjoy anything. Everything can be thoroughly enjoyed. You can enjoy looking at an ugly scene and you can enjoy looking at a pretty scene. Like for example, some of Dali’s pictures or even this multi‑millionaire Picasso’s pictures. Some of them seem very ugly to me, though I understand the deep art that went behind it, so I enjoy that picture. Visually it contains ugliness for me but I do not look at that only. I look at that wonderful draftsmanship, that wonderful combination of colors, plus so many other factors, and I enjoy it.

So what does this mean? That even in ugliness there is beauty, that we only set our minds on the ugliness of life and we fight, where there’s really nothing to fight for. You came empty‑ handed and you’re going to go empty‑handed. You can’t take anything with you. And the more you enjoy your present circumstance, the more the circumstance will better itself and a minimal amount of effort is required because by enjoying that circumstance, whatever it is, your mind is channeled positively. But not enjoying the circumstance, negativity arises, and all fighting is but negativity.

Now, let us not only consider fighting and acceptance. What about non‑acceptance? Ahh. Non‑acceptance does not include any fight and neither does it include acceptance. That’s the middle road, non‑acceptance. It’s another road. Where you refuse to see whatever circumstance good or bad, for you rise above them both, and you land in the area of non‑acceptance. Non‑acceptance of this mundane world around you, with all its negativities. And if you reject all the negativities, you also reject all the positiveness and be in a neutral sphere where nothing can hurt you. For life contains both these things, negativity and positivity. But if you can rise above the good and the bad, then life assumes different proportions. Then you’re looking at the world from the opposite end of the telescope. When you look at this world through the end which people normally look through, things are magnified; but when you look through the opposite end, things become smaller. Try it out with a telescope. So this means that you’re minimizing the adverse circumstances and not enlarging it because most of the fighting takes place because we create mountains out of molehills. It is human nature at this present stage of evolution. Everything, and especially hurtful things, they assume a great big proportion, out of proportion, you see.

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