Unfolding love in a relationship

Devotion should be without need.

Gururaj_pijama_Concha_1Love has to be worked at over a period of years so that two people slowly begin to understand each other. They begin to understand the faults and frailties of each other, and in understanding them, they accept them. When one accepts the faults and frailties of the other, a beautiful friendship is born. That friendship, that companionship, is one of the constituents of love.

The major cause of the sociological problem of divorce is that most marriages are contracted or approached from a superficial level. Instead of bringing it to a super level, the two people have remained on the superficial level, and anything that is superficial cannot be lasting.

When you find that oneness with your beloved, you will automatically find oneness with Divinity. For your beloved is none other than Divinity itself. In any form, shape or size, Divinity is but total oneness. But we can only talk oneness when we have reached there.


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