Ego is the sum total of an individual’s personality

egosensoThis universe cannot exist without ego, for the universe itself is an ego. As you progress, that ego becomes just an idea, a thought form in its finest state. Then one transcends that thought form and one realizes in the impersonal state that, “Oh, dear me, it was only a thought!” All disappears, for then you, the individual, have merged into the impersonal and there is no ego left. For in the first place, the ego was only a thought, only a dream. But we who are in the relative have a battle with the ego and cannot deny it. Therefore we accept it, and it is the very acceptance of the ego that can lead us further on in the expansion of the ego.

The word idea contains “I,” that small, insignificant, dream-like “I” which thinks everything is real. If the human being could only realize that the thoughts of his mind are just conditionings of his mind!

To recognize the ego, one has to go beyond the ego to be able to observe it.

The ego is the sum total of an individual’s personality as it is expressed here and now.


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