How would you say goodbye?

Let us talk of hate.  What is hate?  There is no hate. There is no hate.  Because hate is a projection from a conditioned mind, and all projections are illusory.  No man is capable of hating.  No man is capable of hating, but he is only capable of projecting.  Man is capable of loving, yes, and love knows no projection.  So when you are love itself, love incarnate, then where is the place for hate?  Hate is image making.  Hate is imaginary.  Hate is an illusion which your mind has created.  


It’s like the  projector projecting on the cinema screen, the story.  And you go near the screen and you can’t touch the people on the screen and neither the building that is shown on the screen.  But yet, if it’s a tearjerker — boy meets girl and they have a problem and the poor girl suffers because she loves him and the love is unrequited — and then you find in the audience a lot of sniffing and handkerchiefs are pulled out and tears are wiped, because you are identifying yourself with an illusion.

dsc_0013Likewise in life you are identifying yourself with illusion and not reality.  Ninety-nine percent of your lives are identified with that which is not.  And yet, the paradox is this, that it is only that one force, that one energy, that even energizes the creation of illusion.  So there you cannot find the dividing line between reality and illusion, for that too would be a projection of your mind.  The very definition of anything is because of a conditioning or a patterning. 

dsc_0099For no two people could observe or perceive or conceive of any object in the same way.  Everyone will have a different angle to it.  An accident happens and there are five witnesses.  Each witness, though seeing the accident happening, will have his own version to the judge.  And yet, they are all there on the spot!  So how true was that accident and how good is the evidence?  It is your conception, your perception of any happening that makes you feel happy or miserable.  

expo9If my milk turns sour, I will change it into yogurt, and not say the milk has gone sour, how terrible.  And this is a possibility in everything, in everyone’s life. Every situation is filled with joy, if you can recognize.  If you can recognize it, then every situation is a situation of joy.  If you can separate yourself from the patternings and become an observer of your environment, then you are not governed, your decision, your thought, your perception will not be based upon patterning or conditioning, but your perception will be unconditioned, and that is reality.  And the reality is joy and bliss.


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