fulness(3)Now when man realises that all is one and in the relative field everything must have its opposite. Pain must have pleasure and the other way round. Sunshine will bring rain. Cold will have its opposite in heat. And when a person resolves this and truly understands the law of opposites and moves from the polarities to the centre within himself, then he automatically rises beyond the polarities.

gr_firoHe rises beyond the law of opposites because any law that governs this universe of relativity cannot be destroyed, for it functions within its own dimension.

The duty of man, the duty of man at his present stage of evolution is to rise above the law of opposites and enter a dimension where all unity is found, where everything is found to be one.

gr_hands  And looking at it from that standpoint of a unified oneness, he can still view the opposite but his entire attitude towards life, his perspective would have changed and he would be non-effected by all that happens around him. And this brings about the acceptance within himself.He accepts a rainy day as a beautiful day and he also accepts a sunny day as a beautiful day for both are equally necessary. If you had no rain, you will have no food no flowers, no water to drink. And if you had no sunshine, the very same food and flowers will not grow.

gururajSo all these opposites in the relative field are totally necessary. It is just because of our ignorance that we find one thing to be good and the other thing to be bad. For what produces bad? Good produces it. And what produces good? Bad produces it. One is always the instigator or the creator of the other within the framework of opposites.

  So when it comes to acceptance then everything is accepted as is and our minds are not led to the extremes. Therefore the Gita would say «Do not be inflated by praise nor deflated by blame.» And the man that could do that is the one that has risen above it all. And that is the purpose and goal of life whereby you go beyond happiness and unhappiness and reach the realm of bliss, of joy, which has no opposite. It is a oneness and that oneness comes about by accepting the factor that all just is.

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