Attachment and Freedom

gururaj_web3837You are seeking freedom within yourself. That is where freedom lies, nowhere else. We cannot rid anyone else of bondage nor create freedom for another person at any time. Bondage or freedom can only be created by oneself. When you view the world or your beloved through the aspect of bondage, you are not binding them but are binding yourself in a patterned way of thinking.

See all attachment as freedom for you can find it to be freedom even though you are attached, just by having a special mental attitude, and a spiritual strength and fortitude.

My love for her is important, not her. I am attached in that love for her, but in that attachment of love for her, is freedom. Because the power of Grace has given me the freedom to love.

With acceptance comes surrender. Although we are attached, the emphasis is not to be on the attachment. The emphasis can be on unmotivated surrender . . . unselfish surrender, unselfish giving of oneself as much as possible to the beloved.


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