Spiritual practices

Very good question. Is it possible to become enlightened without spiritual practices and only through the grace of Divinity? That is very true. You could never become enlightened without the grace of Divinity. That is very, very true. You cannot even move a finger without the grace of Divinity and you talk of enlightenment, because […]

Passion and compassion

  What is basically passion, and what constitutes passion? There could be so many different kinds of passions. Certain kinds of passions are totally physical. Yet there is a divine passion which is totally spiritual, and in that spirituality of spiritual passion, there develops within you an intense longing for that divinity that we all […]


Some people are born with such deep faith in them, from the word go and to have that faith in them, they have at some time or another, perhaps in their previous lives who knows, worked hard for that faith.

Nothing happens without Grace

Nothing happens without Grace . . . nothing, nothing, nothing. And having the mind, let us use the mind to invoke that Grace, and not reject the Grace by playing around in the whirlpool of the mind. We all know that Grace is an abstract quality. Grace is synonymous with God. There is no difference […]

Talking to God

The best way to review our talking is by not talking. Now what does that mean? It means that talk is nothing else but the verbalization of thought. And when thoughts become steady, silent, and find an equilibrium, then the real talk begins, the real review begins between you and Him. So words has its […]

The essence of spiritual teachings

You’d be surprised I’m keeping myself together. [Gururaj laughs] Keep yourself together through the power of love. And therefore the scriptures, all the scriptures say, «Love thy neighbor as yourself.» But I would add onto that, not only your neighbor. Here’s my neighbor, that’s my neighbor, this is my neighbor. Do you see? So who […]

«I am not alone»

This is how we prevent ourselves from breaking, with the realization: “I am not alone. There is a greater force, a universal force, that is directed to me through the channel of my guru or chosen ideal, whom I love so much. To find that subjective love that is swirling within you, you need an […]

Divine Grace is the life force within

The whole secret is peace that passeth all understanding. The mind tries to understand, but peace is felt—peace is experienced. That is the purpose of the soul becoming relative. In its relativity, it tries to find where it has come from and where it is going. This is a valid search. For the mind, too, […]