Spiritual Practices gives a guide to our yearning

Gururaj with SitarAll spiritual practices are meant to awaken that Christ consciousness within you. It is not something gained from the outside. It is there within you all the time.

The eternal spirit within man is beyond all experience of motion, it just is. It is a question of superimposition. The sun is always there, the clouds may cover it, but it is always there. In meditation we are tapping into this eternal stillness and the quiet part of ourselves.

Yearning has to be within ourselves first, and the power of that seeking will automatically open all the doors.

The basic truth taught by the great Incarnations of the world is: Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven within and all else shall be added unto you. All peace will come to the mind: the body will heal itself by the power drawn from the inner Self, the God that is within; and everything else will be added.


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