Whatever you emphasize, you are ruled by

Gururaj in his last days, CiprusWhatever you emphasize, you are ruled by.

When a certain thing is realized, you automatically gain control over it. Then it does not control you, but you control it. When we find a great measure of self-integration, gradually, we exude a strength to be able to control, and that is the only way to go beyond the sufferings that we suffer.

You cannot escape emotions; but you can go beyond them.

Man is not made to suffer, man is a product of joy and yet he comes into this world crying. From joy we come and to joy we proceed; man is made of light. And in spite of the glass of the lamp being dirtied sometimes, the true light must still shine through. So, there is much hope, there is much love, and there are no problems or suffering really. We think we suffer; we delude ourselves into thinking we suffer. This is a product of thought and when, through meditation, you go beyond the level of thought, you will know that there is no suffering. It is all but joy.


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