You love because you can't help it. And when you can't just help it then it comes to your consciousness that you are in love. And the consciousness then would not question the why and the wherefore. Because where is love? Wherefore, where is love and what is it for? Wherefore? It is just there. It exists and the more you try to love the less you get out of love. So love needs no trying. Love needs just being. You can never question why you love another. Because the very moment you would ask the question 'Why I love her?' - because she's got beautiful hair or a lovely nose, lovely ears and all the blah, blahs, - then love ceases and the cessation through questioning, loses the value of love.

How would you say goodbye?

Let us talk of hate.  What is hate?  There is no hate. There is no hate.  Because hate is a projection from a conditioned mind, and all projections are illusory.  No man is capable of hating.  No man is capable of hating, but he is only capable of projecting.  Man is capable of loving, yes, and love knows no projection. 


I think I might have mentioned before that people don’t even know how to make love. They don’t really. They don’t know how to make love. They make love with their bodies only and the mind stimulates the body. People that are more physical, have physical stimulation while some others require psychological stimulation. And then of course most of the times the body and mind function together and that they call love-making. It is blasphemy. That is not love-making. That’s lust-making.

‘Love for the sake of Love’

La gente dice que el amor es ciego y eso es muy cierto, porque el amor no oye, no ve, no piensa. Cuando amas a alguien, dejas de ver los errores de esa persona, porque esa fuerza te llena de tal forma que todos las faltas y fragilidades no se ven.

Free am I now to fight

What can I say that could be said in words..
Yet the soul flows in so many words.. yet speaks without sound
Whistling wind blows and affects not the flowering flower.
Knowing well that sound and sight resides in the heart’s tower.

Passion and compassion

  What is basically passion, and what constitutes passion? There could be so many different kinds of passions. Certain kinds of passions are totally physical. Yet there is a divine passion which is totally spiritual, and in that spirituality of spiritual passion, there develops within you an intense longing for that divinity that we all […]

Love’s measure

Let my love be measured by giving and not by gain
For if gain I sought this life lived would be in vain.

Love then, yourself to lose, I say again and again
For the giver can only give as clouds disperse in rain.

Love is limitless

Love is limitless. It is beyond all boundaries. It is beginless and endless. … But when we bring love down to the individual level, how are we to experience it? When love is brought down to the individual level, that purity, or that expansiveness comes down from a universal vastness into the narrow channel of […]

Love is the Divinity within you

It’s not really that love makes the world go around; love is what makes the ride interesting! What is love? In a nutshell, love is the Divinity within you. When a person knows himself, when he can really dive within and discover the love within himself, then only can he project that love to someone […]