You love because you can't help it. And when you can't just help it then it comes to your consciousness that you are in love. And the consciousness then would not question the why and the wherefore. Because where is love? Wherefore, where is love and what is it for? Wherefore? It is just there. It exists and the more you try to love the less you get out of love. So love needs no trying. Love needs just being. You can never question why you love another. Because the very moment you would ask the question 'Why I love her?' - because she's got beautiful hair or a lovely nose, lovely ears and all the blah, blahs, - then love ceases and the cessation through questioning, loses the value of love.

To give love to one who is love

To give love to one who is love
You who are agony and pain unto yourself
yet you know not that you are an offering
To a world suffering and thirsting for love.

Nature is but One

Nevertheless, we in our individual capacities can recognize and realize that all nature is but one, for the Manifestor has not manifested two. The entire manifestation is one. But when through evolutionary processes man started thinking, then he started compartmentalizing that I and you. I and you. Now if there is one, there could be […]

Devotion is the expression of Love

You surrender, not to your beloved, but you surrender yourself to yourself. Yet your beloved feels that you have surrendered to him or her.

Opening the heart

When the heart has opened, you will become incapable of projecting negativity. You will project only love. Attachment can exist in the form of sincere feeling. In this togetherness we are marching on the path of oneness. How can we be one in two separate bodies? It is only when the heart melts away completely. […]

It was hard this life..

It was a hard life this; digging the ground,
Who cares to know how parched it was.
My back is broken carrying the water pails;
I am old, the trees so young, bearing blossoms.

The essence of spiritual teachings

You’d be surprised I’m keeping myself together. [Gururaj laughs] Keep yourself together through the power of love. And therefore the scriptures, all the scriptures say, «Love thy neighbor as yourself.» But I would add onto that, not only your neighbor. Here’s my neighbor, that’s my neighbor, this is my neighbor. Do you see? So who […]

Devotion to the beloved

Bhakti Yoga, the missing piece Bhakti, devotion to the beloved, compasion.. Different names to speak about the factor that transforms and changes the workings of the mind.

Unfoldment of the Spirit is expressed as unfoldment of Love

To be able to live truly, to be able to love in totality, you have to find completeness within yourself first, because love is an expression of what one is.