The mind is centered on suffering, instead of joy

GR_painting_web04Your problem is that the mind is centered on suffering, instead of joy. “If I have to pay for it (karma from previous actions) then so what!” This should be our attitude.

When we go through suffering and turmoil we are just experiencing change in the shapes or forms. Now that is what we want to get away from, through our meditational practices. Be established within the Self of the spirit while watching the names and the forms continually changing. Then we will not be affected because we will have risen above it. We will have then become the proper observer and the small self will be able to say, “I am not the doer. The doer is the spirit. It is that energy, that force, it is Divinity that manipulates all this, and I am just the instrument.”

Dissatisfaction is a necessity in the process of life. When satisfied, an individual stops progressing. That very dissatisfaction is a process to stimulate one towards greater growth.

The human being is the greatest magnet in the world. He attracts what he deserves. A person would say, “Why has this befallen me? Why did I have four tire punctures in one day?” When did you last have your four tires checked? Please remember that we are, and no one else is, responsible for everything that befalls us. When we have problems, we always shift the blame. We shift the blame to our husbands, our wives, our children, our bosses, or to our friends, to the guru, and when we can not succeed in this at last we blame God. But man does not realize that all fortune or misfortune is attracted to himself by himself.

Most trouble is over petty things. Observe them. Do not get stuck in them.

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