I think I might have mentioned before that people don’t even know how to make love. They don’t really. They don’t know how to make love. They make love with their bodies only and the mind stimulates the body. People that are more physical, have physical stimulation while some others require psychological stimulation. And then of course most of the times the body and mind function together and that they call love-making. It is blasphemy. That is not love-making. That’s lust-making.

Love, true love-making comes only when the inner self, the spirit or the heart and the mind and the body becomes totally infused, becomes totally infused and in that infusion the greater power takes over and the body is not felt. The mind is not felt, only the oneness is felt. And that comes from the heart, that is opening up of the heart. I am only using this instance of love-making. But the same principle applies to every facet of life.

And when man can really love in that way, then he loves through Divinity. He is expressing Divinity and that very love-making becomes a meditation.

The purpose of meditation is to integrate mind, body and spirit and in this instance mind, body and spirit is portrayed or experienced, is experienced as a oneness, as an integrated wholeness where lover, the beloved and love becomes one.

That is love. That is love. The rest, the rest is but a preparation to love. The rest is but a preparation. This is the supreme experience. That is the supreme joy of love and that is why we say ‘God is love, Love is God’. That’s why we say that.

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