Fear is in the roots of all anxiety and indirectly, of the depressions we suffer. Today in this world the consumption of tranquilizers and antidepressants is so much extended that has become the main drug consumed in the western world. In the root of the anxiety we suffer is fear, and in the root of […]

Thinking about Fear

You’ve got to neutralize the mind. And how do we neutralize the mind? By spiritual practices. If a fearful thought comes into your mind, let it be there. You can become an observer of that thought and the thought loses its power. Now to become an observer, it’s a long process, it just does not come overnight. There must be some easy way. So what do you do?

Be fearless!

The way to get rid of fear is to be totally involved in everything that one is doing, because fear is never of the present. To be fearless is to have faith in oneself; to have faith in oneself means to have faith in Divinity, for the human being is divine. All fear is based […]

Become an observer!

Fear only comes from reflection and from memory. Projecting the past, we fear the future. “What is going to happen to me?” The present is totally forgotten. When you are in the present you are totally fearless. Only memories give you fear. To become fearless is an instantaneous process; it is that process whereby one […]

Facing yourself

Facing yourself is not always pleasant because the lower levels of the mind are not very pleasant. This is because they are forever in conflict. Fear must not be controlled or annihilated because these attempts only result in inhibitions and repressions. The more you try to control anything with the conscious mind, the stronger it […]

Death causes no pain

The greatest thing that could ever be achieved in this life is not always to mind your step, but to take a leap. The greatest things created in this world—from the most fantastic bridges to the tallest skyscraper—exist because a person was prepared to take a leap! Death causes no pain whatsoever. What causes pain […]

Fear is a superimposition on you

Being in conflict has to produce anxiety, which is the blood brother of fear, insecurity and inadequacy. How to live with fear? There is only one answer to the question: reach the inner quiet mind. The force of the superconscious level of the mind drowns all the smaller, grosser workings of the mind. Fear is […]

Fear perpetuates itself

Fear suffers within itself If we can know the un-manifest, then we can really and truly know the manifestation of the un-manifest is.  Good.  Now when we suffer with these emotional problems, we do suffer them without the realisation of Divinity.  In other words, fear suffers within itself.  Jealousy suffers within itself.  Every form of […]