Fear is in the roots of all anxiety and indirectly, of the depressions we suffer. Today in this world the consumption of tranquilizers and antidepressants is so much extended that has become the main drug consumed in the western world.

In the root of the anxiety we suffer is fear, and in the root of our depressions is the root of fear, the ego centered being.

Now fear is closely associated to our several negative emotions, the guilt associated with them and the attachment to the identity they conform. But what we do in  our path is unfolding the understanding that the source of all these emotions is also the divine, the Inner Self within, and with this understanding we analyze the source of the fear we are feeling, where does fear stem from.

We are in the base of it all just worried about our little ego which is none else but a bag of impressions, and there is nothing wrong with this ego, it is the result of millions of years of evolution. If we jaust purify our actions so that we can perform them as integrated people. Becoming what we are by surrendering our life with love to life itself, then fear has no place to be. But for that we need to give away the idea that we are so important, that this little form is so, so important. Instead of that we surrender this form to the existence of this day, doing for it all in our hands and letting the rest to life itself. And come what may. We just bravely accept the circumstances we are in and those that may come, it is just another opportunity to continue surrendering this little form we identify with to life in love.

Realizing and understanding that this little form, through which we cognize life and our particular form of existence, is not that important. That the importance and the only thing that can make any difference to this little form though which we cognize existence is to express it with love now, during the life of this day, the one you are reading this, the only one you have to live, the only one existing at the same time with the rest of us existing with you in this day. And in that oneness we melt our form surrendering it by giving it it’s total expression.



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